CALLS 2023

5G is the latest generation of mobile networks that provides faster, more reliable and more secure wireless connectivity.

5G is designed to support a vast array of devices and services, from smartphones to the Internet of Things (IoT), and from augmented reality to autonomous vehicles. With this call we aim to find new 5G solutions for both B2C and B2B segment, such as:

  • Communications & infrastructure: connectivity everywhere, IoT, edge computing, Open RAN. connectivity according to 3GPP standards, automatic network management…
  • Industry, manufacturing & logistics: AGVs, robotics, computer vision, drones, industrial IoT, quality control with computer vision, asset tracking and logistics in indoor/outdoor environments, image recognition, industrial logistics, industrial machinery connectivity.
  • Smart Cities & Mobility: People and asset tracking, V2X, smart parking, smart spaces, waste management, lighting and other smart city elements, etc.
  • Utilities & Energy: smart buildings, smart metering, sustainability, energy efficiency solutions in the home, private energy efficiency, etc. 
  • Agriculture: water management, management, optimization and improvement of crops and animals (livestock), etc.
  • Metaverse & Web3: virtual reality, augmented reality, digital social experiences, devices, virtual platforms, identity tools, NFts, etc.
  • Media, Entertainment & Gaming: ncluding fan experience solution, content generated, video&TV, Music, Social, Audiobooks. 
  • OTT/TV Content and Video: including technology that improves streaming performance by latency, cloud usage, personalized recommendation, automatic and intelligent content generation, etc.  
  • Retail & e-commerce: indoor positioning, virtual reality, augmented reality, stock control, security, authentication, checkout, carrier billing, wifi motion detection, security, etc.  
  • Tourism: including experience creation, access control, shopping experience improvement, assurance and travel insurance, etc. 
  • Fintech and financial services: security, carrier billing, etc.
  • eHealth: computer vision, patient monitoring, etc.
  • Education & Edutaintment: virtual reality and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, improve user experience, increase interaction and accessibility, etc.


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Advanced network capabilities will enable developers to create new experiences and features using the power of the telco network, which will act as a platform for creating new apps. For this call we are looking for startups with use cases in the following advanced network capabilities:

  • Network APIS capabilities: Solutions of software interfaces that allow developers to programmatically access and control network functions and services.
  • Network slicing: Technology used in next-generation mobile networks, such as 5G, to provide isolated and virtualized network slices to multiple tenants offering specific requirements such as low latency, quality of service, etc.
  • New Calling: Any business solutions that implies interactive services capable of automatically converting a traditional call into a personalized experience in which the user can be redirected into different menus, avatars, or any interactive example in which a user wishes to consult or receive certain information.
  • Precise positioning: We are looking for use cases capable of taking advantage of location usage algorithms and being able to detect the position of a user with greater accuracy.

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These technologies offer new ways to experience digital content and interact with the world around us.

Looking for startups with use cases in the metaverse, video, gaming, edutainment, industry and manufacturing, logistics, retail, digital social experiences, connectivity, network, devices, virtual platforms, as well as other applications or services. Including connectivity enabled tools & software to improve XR product & services use cases deployments; home XR massive entertainment, sustainability XR tools for large corporates.

Startups selected by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. will get access to Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform, hardware developer kit, exclusive and prioritized engineering support and access to Snapdragon Spaces ™ Pathfinder program.

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Startups Uktena and Imaginate XR work with Qualcomm after the XR call. This collaboration has enabled Qualcomm to work with the 9 telecom giants forming the alliance, expand its XR strategy, and promote its Snapdragon Spaces platform. The selection process for the startups was carried out jointly, seeking innovative ISVs with a clear business plan and market model in areas such as industry and entertainment. 


Uktena is a technology startup that has developed an intelligent assistant to help register and share knowledge among workers, with step-by-step task tracking and remote expert assistance using Mixed Reality.

Thanks to the platform provided by Alaian in the strategic call in 2023, Uktena has been one of the startups selected by Qualcomm, granting them access to the Snapdragon Spaces platform and the company’s experts.


Discover the future of #XR technology with Martin Herdina, Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcomm. In this video, Martin shares his vision of #XR and how Qualcomm partners with the most disruptive startups to drive this technology towards success.

In our mission to foster innovation, we are proud to have strategic partners of Qualcomm’s caliber. Martin emphasizes the importance of close collaboration with emerging and innovative companies to enrich the Snapdragon Spaces ecosystem.

CALLS 2022

All together the startups gather creativity, innovation and high end technology that will ensure growth for the telecommunications sector. With Alaian, the partnership of nine of the biggest telcos in Europe, we are certain of the success and global reach scale that these new business solutions will accomplish.








A new contactleess, next generation delivery designed to autonomously deliver food, grocery and parcels from shops to your doorstep.


Connecting every last mile with next generation wireless fiber optics. Secure, last-mile connectivity with fiber-like speeds, at a fraction of fiber’s deployment time and cost.

jet connectivity

Enables data-driven maritime operators to achieve better outcomes with fast maritime connectivity. The only frontier data transmission solution that supports industry 4.0 at sea.


Offers a platform that enables telecom companies to use AI to get total visibility on their field operations. It analyzes routine field photos captured by mobile technicians in real-time and turns them into actionable operational and business insights.


Provides automated data exchange solutions between mobile network operator and aviation system for a digital 5G airspace, enabling high value end-toend loT services delivered by drones

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