Uktena, startup pioneer in intelligent industrial assistants

Uktena, the pioneering startup in intelligent industrial assistants, selected by Qualcomm in the XR call!

How did the initial idea for developing an extended reality solution come about? 

Uktena was all about mixed reality from the beginning. We wanted to provide the best environment for the workers without interfering with their capacity to move around and interact with the world. So better than to have only a mobile or tablet screen why not have almost unlimited floating interactable holograms floating around? 

Experience working with the Alaian alliance. How has it influenced the development of the startup? 

Visibility and network are two of the things that Alaian gave us almost immediately. And they were huge since beyond clients and contacts that came with this we also had access to funds and venture capital interested in our product, so this validation was a big thing.
Uktena started a close relation with Qualcomm after the start of the program and we also are collaborating with others companies working for the telco sector, what is a really good opportunity business side. 

Within the collaboration with Qualcomm, what were the key moments you would highlight, and in what ways has Snapdragon Spaces impacted the development of your XR solution? 

Providing us with devices and documentation on how to adapt our solution to more devices was a huge help from Qualcomm. Also, there is financial incentives that they can help us obtain as soon as we are part of their ecosystem and that’s a big leap for any startup. 

On the path to commercialization, what were the most significant challenges, and how did you manage to overcome them?

We’re growing up our sales department and at the same time adapting our product to be displayed on marketplaces and digital showrooms. The big telcos names + validation + a leader as Qualcomm showing Uktena in their space does a lot of good for our sales.

What lessons has the startup learned during this process, and what advice would you offer to other startups on a similar journey? 

Test ideas fast. And test them with clients. They have the problems, and if you can give them solutions that will be a match made in heaven. Use every opportunity and program out there to your benefit, network is one of the most valuable assets that you will have as startup, you never know from where your next client, investor or opportunity will come. 

What are the future prospects/projects? 

We have the internationalization of our product coming this year, to LatAm as well as other countries of EU. Also, we’re on the last steps to closing a Round of investment so expect to hear a lot more from us!  






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