The value of Alaian is a leverage for Orange on scouting start-ups internationally.

In this interview with Karine Dussert-Sarthe, E-VP Global Product, Marketing, Design and Open Innovation at Orange, she talks about his vision of Alaian and other aspects of the alliance.

What does Alaian mean to you?

The value of Alaian is a leverage for Orange on scouting start-ups internationally. I would summarize in saying: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

What does your telco contribute to the overall alliance?

Our presence spans across Europe and Africa for our consumer and worldwide for our enterprise business. We have a major influence in the innovation landscape: We have a 350 million euros CVC through Orange Venture. We have established an extensive international start-ups accelerator network known as Orange Fab, operating in 20 countries to accelerate our path to innovation in the markets. We have the experience of various operating models to foster innovative collaborations.

Highlight a key telco technology for you today

Among our priorities, 2 focus for value creation: 5G to enable industries to gain productivity. We and Airbus Industries experiment with a 5G private network solution French start up to enable precise indoor geolocation of industrial tooling. This is a typical challenge in Smart Industry to gain operational efficiency and productivity. Safe networks driven by customer demand on cybersecurity. We work with an Israel-based startup to integrate new cybersecurity features in our customer premise Equipment like our home gateways.

Why is it so important to innovate, and what role does innovation plays in your company?

It’s a competitive advantage: Innovation enables a company to differentiate itself from competitors by offering unique products, services, or solutions. It allows a business to stay ahead of the competition and attract more customers.

Orange’s capacity for innovation remains key in the current context. Our ability to find solutions for our customers to accompany the ecological transition, to promote useful, responsible and accessible innovation, and to remain the trusted player for customers for connectivity and home services, for example, is essential.

More than ever, Orange’s innovation must be tangible for our B2C and B2B end-customers: whether in terms of customer experience, digital paths, partnerships, or our open innovation approach, which helps us to be more agile. This is at the heart of our innovation priorities.

 It’s an employer appeal: We are a company that can stand on par with the GAFA in terms of attractiveness to potential employees. Orange ranks among the top 10 telecommunications companies worldwide, and our ability to innovate has been instrumental in establishing substantial innovate-on-focused teams.”

What does an alliance like this offer the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

This alliance is seen as an international accelerator operating within the Telcos ecosystem, enabling the scaling of large deals and providing access to a market with over one billion customers.

What would you say to startups who want to be part of Alaian?

Alaian not only enhances their efficiency by saving time and providing expertise but also offers a rare opportunity to connect with a diverse network of telcos in one place.



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