Innovation and future: The Steering Committee of Alaian meets in Madrid

 In the upcoming days, on September 18th and 19th, the Steering Committee of Alaian will gather in Madrid for what promises to be an event filled with excitement, disruptive innovations, and important news. The event will feature the presence of the technical, business, and innovation units of each telco partner of Alaian and Qualcomm.

Raising the curtain with the Pitch Day 

Wayra Madrid will become the epicenter of innovation as it hosts the Pitch Day on September 18th, an event that will showcase the startups selected in the XR powered by Snapdragon Spaces call. After evaluating all the responses received, Alaian and Qualcomm partners have selected 8 startups that will present their solutions and projects at this event:

  1. CamOn – is a leading XR technology company providing Web AR and Web 360 solutions for brands, media and agencies. They use CamOn Studio, a proprietary web tool, to create scalable Augmented Reality projects quickly and easily.
  2. Uktena – is an intelligent industrial assistant capable of seeing and recording the execution of processes in maintenance, assembly, and configuration tasks when performed by an experienced professional.
  3. Room provides a Metaverse platform that allows telcos to easily create their own Metaverse Experiences fully webbased
  4. Onirix – is the AR platform that allows you to create, host and publish Web AR experiences in an easy and intuitive way, without writing code or using mobile apps (low-code)
  5. Lumeto Inc. – Involve XR is an open and flexible learning & assessment platform for institutions looking to deploy data-driven, enterprise-grade, inmersive training and assessment across healthcare and public safety sectors.
  6. VT-Lab– technology company specializing in the development of visual productivity solutions for companies in the AEC sector (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) based on the integration of BIM methodology with VR and AR technologies.
  7. The Round Live– is a B2B SaaS tool for real-time spatial straming, enabling developers and immersive studios to deliver high quality, infinitely scalable real-time animations on demand across all XR projects and games, freeing them from the limitations of data heavy animation files.
  8. VEXR – is leading a revolution in the sports industry. They are accomplishing this by harnessing XR and generative AI technologies to produce individualized, interactive 3D simulations of diverse sports and physical activities. 

Culminating with the panel “Generative AI for Telcos: The Venture Capital Perspective

Concluding this event on September 19th at 4:30 PM CET, the panel titled “Generative AI for Telcos: The Venture Capital Perspective” will take place. In this panel, prominent participants from startups and venture capital experts will share their perspectives on the impact of generative artificial intelligence in the telecommunications sector. This panel will feature the presence of:

  • Irene Gómez, Open Innovation Director at Telefónica & CEO Wayra
  • Karim Taga, Managing Partner at Arthur D. Little
  • Guenia Gawendo, Managing Director at Telefónica Ventures
  • Miguel Arias, General Partner at K Fund
  • Jaime de Mora, GM Microsoft for Startups at Microsoft
  • Louis Toth, Managing Partner at Alter Venture Partners
  • Jaime Bosch, Co-founder & CEO Voicemod

You can tune in to this panel live through the following link:



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