Alaian reaffirms its commitment to leading startups in the digital age
Unmanned Life, the innovative startup by Alaian, has taken a step forward in the field of enterprise surveillance and security with the launch of their product U-Security. The recent event in Barcelona marked a milestone in the industry, showcasing live demonstrations, expert presentations, and interactive sessions, bringing industry leaders together to foster synergies and explore the transformative potential of this solution.

Organized by Unmanned Life and supported by the GSMA Foundation, the event featured participation from prominent business partners, including Telefónica, a member of our alliance. A year ago, Unmanned Life, Telefónica, GSMA, and GSMA Foundry collaborated on a pioneering study to demonstrate how 5G-connected drone swarms can revolutionize surveillance, performing tasks such as damage inspection and detecting security breaches quickly and efficiently.

Telefónica’s 5G network has proven to be a crucial element in transmitting high-quality, low-latency data required for real-time control and analysis of these drones. The use of drones can significantly reduce surveillance costs by providing a flexible and efficient way to inspect large areas and detect issues. They have valuable potential in intelligent port environments, industrial sites, smart factories, agricultural monitoring, and other areas for security tasks, surveillance, and maintenance of critical infrastructures. The launch of U-Security is a testament to Alaian’s commitment to startups that are leading this new digital era, building upon the demonstrated potential in the previous study.

We are excited about the impact U-Security will have on the efficiency and profitability of businesses in the field of surveillance and security. With U-Security, Unmanned Life sets a new standard in the industry by offering a comprehensive and disruptive solution.


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