Our contribution to Alaian: expand the footprint in KSA and the region, access to other markets, and internal capabilities.

Interview to Mr. Mohammed S. Alkhushail – New Markets Strategy & Excellence VP at stc Group


Interview with Mr. Mohammed S. Alkhushail – New Markets Strategy & Excellence VP, where he explains his vision of Alaian and other aspects of the alliance.

What is the core business of Alaian?

Eight major global telecommunications companies have joined in a unique alliance to reinvent the industry by discovering the most disruptive startups and the potential to provide access to a network of 700 million customers. This telecommunications alliance has a presence in over 50 markets and access to a global technology, infrastructure and investment ecosystem

What does stc contribute to the overall alliance?

Our contribution revolves around the geographical footprint in KSA and the region, access to other markets, and internal capabilities. The value of our Telco within Alaian is supporting start-ups, especially since stc has been investing in such verticals.

What’s the next big thing in technology?

Technology never ends. We are focusing on several technologies, including Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Big Data Centres, to allow businesses and individuals to process their operations and internet usage better, enabling and enhancing the economy and consumers’ lifestyles.

What role does stc Group play in terms of innovation?

stc Group has been working on advancing technologies through various practices. We are concerned with constantly updating networks, internet access and speed, and other technologies. Businesses and individuals will face several challenges without innovation and upgrading the overall technology ecosystem. Hence, we collaborate with global key players to bring the most updated digital solutions to ensure that we fulfill our commitment toward the information and technology sector.

What does an alliance like this offer the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

stc Group settled its agreement with Alaian as the latter is a global alliance for innovation that brings together seven of the world’s leading telcos and will be connected to share expertise on innovation and seek out start-ups where they are present. In addition, the Alaian members have 700 million customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Moreover, it has opened a global search for start-ups based on use cases that enrich existing and new telco technologies, such as 5G and Fibre, with offerings that generate additional customer value. Selected start-ups can access the best resources that telco members make available to them.

What would you say to startups wanting to join Alaian?

We always encourage start-ups and drive them toward success. Our goal revolves around supporting the industry by all means, including entrepreneurs and start-ups, which are the future of technology. stc Group will always stand for the segment, and we will constantly invest for the better future of their businesses.

Mr. Mohammed S. Alkhushail, New Markets Strategy & Excellence VP

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