STC: leading the digital transformation in MENA region

STC: new partner of Alaian

Expanding our global footprint with our new partner STC

stc Group, the leading digital enabler in KSA and the MENA region, and Alaian signed an MOU during MWC 2023 to achieve several objectives. MOU objectives include identifying new solutions developed by start-ups through international scouting activities; sharing the deal flow of innovative solutions with successful business models with the telco industry; sharing best practices, lessons learned and success cases in the Open Innovation field; and gaining joint visibility worldwide in the entrepreneurial ecosystems by launching joint comms in media and gaining visibility in global innovation events.

stc Group settled its agreement with Alaian as the latter is a global alliance for innovation that brings together seven of the world’s leading telcos. This agreement will allow stc to be connected to share expertise on innovation and to seek out start-ups where they are present. In addition, the Alaian members have a total of 700 million customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Moreover, the alliance has already opened a global search for start-ups based on use cases that enrich existing and new telco technologies, such as 5G and fibre, with offerings that generate additional customer value. Selected start-ups can access the best resources that telco members make available to them.

stc Group continues to support start-ups, part of its strategy to grow the local talents in Saudi Arabia. As a digital enabler in KSA and the MENA region, stc has supported 92 digital start-ups where financial transactions reached more than 10 billion SAR total market value of these incubated start-ups.

We are very proud to welcome STC to our alliance who definitely will contribute to better understand new markets and customer needs.

stc group, new member of Alaian

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