Alaian means collaboration, joining efforts to bring innovation to the market and to our customers

Interview to Tiago Ribeiro, B2B Business Development Director of NOS


In this interview with Tiago Ribeiro, Business Development Director of NOS, he talks about his vision of Alaian and other aspects of the alliance.

What does Alaian mean to you? How would you define it in one word?

Alaian means collaboration. Joining efforts on bringing innovation to the market and to our costumers, leveraging the joint capabilities of the most disruptive and visionary telcos.

What does your telco contribute to the overall alliance?

NOS strongly believes in the power of ecosystems to accelerate innovation and to bring new value propositions to the market. We have strong partnerships with startups, academia and best of breed technology vendors, with whom we’ve launched new products and go-to-market initiatives. These capabilities, along with a very pragmatic approach to our customers’ challenges, and a unique leading position in the Portuguese b2b market, makes NOS an excellent testbed to new joint offerings and market experimentation.

Highlight a key telco technology for you today

We believe that Telcos must assume its role as integrated service providers and, in that context, marking sure we have a strong Professional and Managed Services organization and practices are key to support our b2b customers transformation challenges. Creating and deploying the right technologies and platforms to support new 5G use cases, such as Hybrid-Cloud, IoT, and Analytics are also key.

Why is it so important to innovate, and what role does innovation plays in your company?

The global dynamics change every day, new trends accelerate, and new challenges arise, with less predictability than before. Our customers’ needs change accordingly, and the telco is still the main everyday technology partner, that must be prepared to share its vision, advise, and act. It’s based on these beliefs that innovation is core to our strategy and execution, and we’re nowadays the company that most invests in R&D in Portugal.

What does an alliance like this offer the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

A launchpad to the market, a trusted advisor to fine tune pitches and business plans, and a potential investment partner.


Tiago Ribeiro B2B business development director NOS

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