NOS has innovation in its DNA, working on it through partnerships, with flexibility and openness.

NOS: new partner of Alaian

New partner, greater achievements

Portuguese telecom operator NOS joined the alliance as a new partner last September. 

The Portuguese operator, leader in its country, and one of the major European telcos, offers full telecommunications services to a customer base of more than 10 million people: fixed and mobile telephony, broadband Internet, TV, as well as network infrastructure. 

NOS is an operator that has innovation in its DNA, and they live it with flexibility and openness. They work on innovation based on partnership: with the major world technology players, with creative startups, universities, incubators, and developers. And now with Alaian. 

According to Miguel Almeida, CEO of NOS, “our vision is to be at the forefront of technology, with the best communication networks, fully digital, and transparent, simple and efficient integration of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Cloud or IoT, with a human touch.” 

NOS’s commitment to creativity and innovation has been evident in recent years, reflected in various initiatives such as the partnership with THU to transform the creative industry in Portugal, or the boost to the development of the autonomous vehicle thanks to its 5G network. 

In this sense, they are strongly committed not only to lead the development of the 5G network in Portugal, but also to be one of the main drivers of Research and Development in Portugal:  Since 2017, they have been consistently in the TOP 3 of companies with the highest investment in R&D. 

This makes NOS a perfect fit to be a partner for Alaian. 

We openly welcome NOS to Alaian, expecting they will bring more value to the alliance to find and drive innovation that will shape the future.

NOS, new partner Alaian

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