Whalebone offers Internet users protection against various types of cyber-attacks without downloading anything

Whalebone: a million users cybersecurity solution

What is Whalebone about and its value proposition?

Whalebone is a cybersecurity company developing zero-disruption products for Telcos, ISPs, and enterprises. It provides millions of internet users as above seamless DNS security, protecting them from malware, phishing schemes, ransomware, and other malicious digital attacks without the need to download anything. The company has repeatedly proven its potential by enabling T1 Telcos to effectively protect their customers, while significantly raising their revenue. Whalebone has more than 300+ customers in telecommunications and corporate sectors around the globe and 50 team members with representation worldwide. Whalebone’s mission is to bring cybersecurity to 1 billion people.

Our main VPs are:

  • Time-to-market leader
  • Record adoption rates
  • Multi-layered ultimate security white-label VAS
  • Protection of all end-user devices
  • 16 touchpoints for end-customers to see the value (low churn)
  • Lifetime marketing and tech hands-on support

How did you come up with the idea and most importantly how did you make it a reality?

Our founders knew they wanted to come up with zero-disruption cyber security solutions. In other words, with cyber security for everybody, no matter what kinds of devices they are using, how technically knowledgeable they are. CSPs have a unique opportunity to seamlessly bring next-gen mass-market network security and other protection layers to their customers. Therefore, they are able to target masses and hence make our vision of protecting 1 billion internet users achievable.
We developed our own white-label solution and collaborated with major CSPs even during the original development to perfectly fit the telco infrastructure and environment. In such a manner to bring a solution that is simple & easy to implement and maintain, yet very effective and with record business results.

What are the benefits of having the support of a Global Telecom company?

As suggested above, it is by having a network of relevant B2B clients that we can secure millions of users.

Do you have any future plans for Whalebone?

We want to stay at the edge of innovation, which is why our product architecture is future-proof and made ready for constant improvement. Having recently launched Identity Protection as a core part of Whalebone Aura, we are enriching the value of our main product.
Apart from Aura, our other products, which are not targeted at telco customers, are getting traction worldwide. We are in the stage of fast growth, developing our own business channels as well as strategic partnerships.
All of that allows us to quickly get closer to our ultimate “North Star” – protecting 1 billion everyday internet users.

What would be your advice for the selected startups from Alaian’s 5G Call?

Keep up the good work and stay at the top of their game. We cannot wait to meet you in the future and see what we can do together, inspire one another, and be at the forefront of telco disruptive innovation.

Whalebone business case

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