MATSUKO: the world’s first real-time app for holographic presence

Interview to Matsuko, the startup of the holographic communications

Matsuko was our guest in the startup pitch day to present its successful business case. Get to know better this project and story through this interview.

What is Matsuko about and its value proposition?

Today, MATSUKO not only represents the world’s first real-time app for holographic presence, but mostly it represents people and an immense social impact by not only what we do, but why we do it. Bringing people closer, strengthening relationships and therefore collaboration. Using just a smartphone you can be together as real you (no avatar) in real time for real holographic presence.

MATSUKO co-founders are Maria Vircikova, pioneer of social human-robot interaction, lectured on AI at universities and conferences on all continents, Forbes top “Women in Business” and “30 under 30” and Matus Kirchmayer, former leader of an award-winning team for the most realistic human behaviour ever seen in video games – Assassins Creed.

MATSUKO has an hybrid team of 30 full time members in 7 countries with offices in Kosice Slovakia & Station F in Paris.

What does your telco contribute to the overall alliance?

In summer of 2017 MATSUKO founders Maria and Matus went to a talk led by Zoom’s CEO Eric Yuan. That evening in San Francisco, they talked about the importance of technologies revolutionising the way people communicate, interact and connect nowadays. That summer evening they realised that by combining their skills, Matus’s knowledge of 3D with Maria’s expertise in AI, they could make the holograms of ‘Star Wars’ a reality.

    What are the benefits of having the support of Telefonica?

    Having the support of telcos is an incredible opportunity for MATSUKO as it provides us with access to 5G and testing our product with amazing technical teams, finding together a way to bring holographic presence to everyone. As David Johnson (Telefonica) Director of Hardware, Innovation & Eco-systems – Group Devices Unit at Telefónica says after trying the app during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona “Great vision of the future of immersive comms over 5G.”

    Do you have any future plans for Matsuko?

    Our plan is to revolutionize remote communication with live holographic calls and make it accessible to everyone in a way we have 2D calls today.

    What would be your advice for the selected startups from Alaian’s 5G Call?

    Validate your ideas by testing the concepts early, set measurable goals to maintain the progress and find support, look for valuable advisors and nurture your relationship.



    Matsuko holographic communications team

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